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Super Squad is an interactive and educational programme, developed especially for children between the ages of 2 and 6.

Captain Can-Do and Sparkle, together with their friends, take children on adventures where they are taught biblical and educational principles such as sharing, being kind, being helpful, how to worship God, how to pray and much more. The Word of God is explained and demonstrated to them in a way that they can easily understand and apply it in their lives from a young age. Stories and themes are conveyed in interactive songs, dances, and dialogue to help develop a positive mindset in a fun way.

This DVD series has been created by inspiration from God to encourage and uplift children to come out on top always, and to know who they are. God wants our children to know that they are special and made unique for a reason; He wants them to be confident in who they are, and to grow up to be ABOVE average rather than another statistic in society. He wants our children to dream BIG and do great things!


What topics are covered in this DVD series?

It is vitally important for young children to know who God, the Father, is and what He says about them. Super Squad teaches children the following key principles:

* Faith
* Diligence
* Healing
* Sharing and giving
* How to be kind

This action packed, one of a kind, DVD is highly recommended and will make a remarkable difference in the way that your child views themselves and others.

There are also some educational topics discussed in-between the above Godly principles to ensure that our kids grow in every area of their lives from as early as the infancy stage;

* The alphabet
* Colours
* Counting
* Animals
* Body parts

The CE Cape Town North Production Team has filled this adventure with bright colours, music, dancing, joy, and laughter. Every child will learn that it is such fun being a child of God – how AWESOME!

We would love to entertain you and transform the next generation’s tomorrow, one Super Squad DVD at a time.

Come and join the Super Squad for some super songs, awesome moves and all out fun!


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