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We are excited to announce that our

  Crèche is officially open for 2020 registrations.

Super Tots Crèche is situated at CE Cape Town North, 6 Viro Crescent, Stikland Industria, Bellville.

We cater for children from ages 18-months to 5-years; Monday to Friday, 06:30 – 18:00, including school holidays, December holiday excluded.


Our aim is to raise strong, independent children, excelling in everything they do. By imparting key Christian values daily, we strive to raise a generation, confident in who they are.

We pride ourselves on the security measures put in place to the benefit of our students. The crèche is a 24-hour, access-controlled premises, equipped with surveillance cameras, visible at all entrance and exit points. Fingerprint access to teachers and staff ensures that the students in our care have maximum protection.

Carefully planned, nutritional meals are catered, for breakfast and lunch. We pride ourselves on the quality of the home-cooked meals served daily.

A strict curriculum is followed for each age group and is on display at the entrance to their respective classrooms. Themes are designed in such a manner that all topics required to be covered, for each stage of development, are completed over the four terms of the school year. Mathematical concepts are taught in a playful manner; language development is encouraged when dealing with various topics of discussion and comprehension skills are tested in the form of stories and creative play. Songs and rhymes are taught and used to promote learning and interaction, encouraging social development amongst students. Sensory learning takes place daily, to develop fine motor skills and the beautiful play area, with modern play equipment, encourages gross motor development and free play.

Your child will be a shining light to their world,

when they are raised in this crèche with a difference!

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Enquire now about this unique, safe environment for your precious child.

A good foundation is vitally important to build upon. Super Tots Crèche is the place where this will become a reality!