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CE Cape Town North has a unique family culture, with many diverse individuals, all with one common goal, spreading the name of Jesus, our Hero, to all the world! With Him as the driving force behind everything we do, we make known the reality of the reunion that has taken place between man and God.

We invite you to take a journey with us, CE Cape Town North, as we deliver the Good News, the Word of faith, and the Message of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Along the way you will discover the epitome of our beautiful JESUS Church – God’s love - empowering every Christian to live the victorious, abundant life and to walk in peace and the full blessings of the Gospel daily.

We believe that the God-given right of every Christian is a Church with a difference. We live, love, heal and grow in the Gospel, using every opportunity, to win one billion souls for Jesus.

do you want to be born again?

"O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He's alive today.

I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life; I'm born again.

Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I'm now a child of God. Hallelujah!"

Congratulations! You are now a child of God.

To receive more information on how you can grow as a Christian, please get in touch with us.

sunday service

Every Sunday morning at 09:30



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6 Viro Crescent, Stikland Industria, Bellville




We stream our services and currently have satellite churches in

Robertson, South Africa and Windhoek, Namibia


We are excited to be coming to you via live stream, this Sunday, for service @CECapeTownNorth at 09:30.

Please click on one of the below links and join us as we continue to grow in the Word:







Please WhatsApp +27745359808 should you experience a technical challenge on either of the two platforms, between the times of 09:30 – 11:00, whilst streaming.

Join us online at 09:30, this Sunday, we look forward to having you there and.... SOON we will be welcoming you back for the most remarkably WOW service, in church!

If you would like to make contact with us in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you:

Website:  www.cecapetownnorth.org

Contact number: +27745359808

Email: info@ceglobalgroup.org


To raise a generation of men and women who will come to know what their inheritance in Christ is, in order to fulfil God’s dream for their lives.


To take the divine presence of God to the people of the world and to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit, until all have seen and heard.

CE Cape Town North is an organization dedicated to reaching people from all walks of life with the power of God’s love, the message of Jesus Christ, and the reality of the reconciliation between man and God! We have a unique family culture, with many diverse individuals, all with the same common goal in our hearts.

We believe that peace, love, abundance, and healing are not fanciful words, but the God-given right of every Christian!

At CE Cape Town North, we empower every Christian to live the victorious life and walk in the full blessings of the gospel.  CE Cape Town North is a place of salvation, healing, miracles, and restoration.

New to this journey?

We are here to introduce you to your incredible father and companion.

the man behind the message

Johan De Beer ran many successful businesses from the young age of 24. He had everything that anyone could ask for in the form of properties, cars, boats and relationships, yet he was never truly happy or fulfilled in life. He wanted more!! He came across a compilation of Pastor Chris's teachings, that changed his life forever. He is now taking THIS same message to the world. 

He will tell you more at the first session of the New Superman Series. Come and hear his amazing story … #Newsupermanseries 



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