Quick Facts!

  • Ages

    18-months to 5-years

  • Class size

    Controlled class sizes

  • Crèche Times

    06:30 to 18:00

Rest Assured

With the safety of our children being a top priority, we have ensured that our crèche is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system promising our children a safe and secure learning environment.

At Super Tots Crèche, mealtime is a whole lot of fun! With creatively plated, and carefully planned home-cooked meals, our children are taken on a tasty, sensory adventure, while ensuring they get all the nutritional benefits of a well-balanced meal. 

Throughout the year, many themes are explored, each especially suited to the relevant stage of development. In conjunction with the many themes, a programme, tailored for each age group is followed.

Some of the subjects covered in the age-appropriate programmes include:
  • Mathematical concepts taught in a playful manner

  • Language development through stories and creative play

  • Songs and rhymes promoting interaction and social development

  • Sensory learning, developing fine motor skills

  • Gross motor development through adventurous free play

Daily programme

General overview of our daily programme. Please view detailed programme on link below.

  • Bible study

  • Creative activities

  • Free play

  • Gross motor activities

  • Hygiene

  • Perceptual development

  • Thematic approach

Monthly School Fees 2024

Enrolment Fees R1 000.00
Half Day Care (until 13:00) R 2 600.00
Full Day Care R 4 100.00

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