Testimonies about health

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Healing from allergies


The first New Superman Series that I attended was at our cell group, at the culinary academy that I am studying at. We watched the DVD series and from the first session, I felt a change inside of me.

As a chef student, I was allergic to about 60 different types of foods, which made my studies challenging. During the course of the series, Pastor Johan frequently taught on how you do not have to be sick, how your words have power and that your spirit controls your body.

One day, I started to confess that I was healed, I put my faith into my words and trusted them.

Shortly thereafter, I started to attend the series in Durbanville, here I attended the Healing & Miracle Service and received healing from all of my allergies. It has been almost 2 years since I received my healing, my health has improved and I always have energy. I can honestly say that since then, my life has become better and better. I have NO allergies and I will never have any allergic reaction again.

All that changed was that I received the undiluted Word and learned who I am meant to be in Jesus Christ.

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Healing from critical state after a heart attack


I first attended the New Superman Series in April 2016 where I got Born Again and received the Holy Spirit and started to pray in tongues. I also received my healing from Diabetes Type 2, which is a wonderful testimony in its own, but, the greatest miracle happened in November - December 2016.

My husband took ill on the 18th of November 2016 and on the 24th of November he suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the ICU. He was 60 years old then and was Born Again however he did not pray in tongues. I was upset upon learning that he was admitted to the ICU but I immediately knew what to do, I rushed to the hospital, laid hands on his heart and prayed in tongues.

My husband was taken for various scans and the doctors informed that it appeared that he had spots on his lungs and it "did not look good", my husband had been a smoker for 40 years. After having received this news, we prayed for his lungs and we received the results the following day reading that the spots were only a shadow cast on his lungs and that his lungs were healthy. The doctors then informed us that they found what appeared to be a mass in his stomach, placing pressure on his heart, which was the cause of the heart attack.

On the 28th of November my husband, who was very sick, was transferred from the hospital in Swakopmund to Windhoek (WHK). A week after having been admitted to the hospital in WHK, he underwent an operation which took approximately 7 hours, to remove a cancerous growth. Before the operation the doctors informed us that the chances of survival from this operation were 50/50. We were not worried, whilst taking my husband to theatre my sons, Simon and Calla, prayed with me, we prayed in tongues. I prayed in tongues for the duration of the operation and after, my husband told me that he could hear me praying for him. A growth weighing 16kg was removed from his stomach together with his right kidney. We were informed that the growth was in the membrane and that they had to remove all of the cancer so that he would not require any medication or chemotherapy.

A week later he was released from hospital and we could go home. A month later, healthy and fighting fit, he was able to ride his motorcycle, all the way from Swakopmund to Mosselbay.

The doctor, which was not registered on the medical aid panel, submitted his invoice for the operation which could have cost in the region of N$ 50 000.00 to N$ 60 000.00, our invoice was only N$18 900.00 and the medical aid paid out an amount of N$ 14 000.00.

Now, my husband does not miss a New Superman Series, he tells all of his testimony. God is great. Since then, the motto in our home is "no weapon formed against us shall ever prosper in the name of Jesus."

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Paul, our perfect gift from God, was born with his intestines outside of his body. During pregnancy, doctors had prepared us for the possibility of having a child with Down's syndrome. We received the news when I was 12-weeks pregnant and immediately we started praying in tongues and confessing divine health over our baby boy, we never feared.

Our reaction towards the news was only made possible by the teachings received at the New Superman series and the training by our amazing Pastor Johan de Beer. I can only imagine the crippling fear a mother and father must feel when receiving such news, that is, without the Word of God imprinted on their hearts! Pastor Johan guided us and during this time, he said something profound, “faith does not deny facts”. At that stage of the pregnancy, we knew that Paul would be born this way, but we learned that we could control the outcome.

Medical records and human reasoning all indicated that Paul would be in hospital for weeks, even months. Operating was possibly not an option, because in most cases, there is no space for the intestines as other organs grow into any open space. In some cases, the intestines are underdeveloped and/or there may not be enough skin to close the area once the intestines have been pushed back into the body. The doctor prepared us and once said, "remember, he may not be viable". None of this shook us! We remained steadfast on what the Word of God teaches and what this means for us in Christ!

I spoke in tongues every day during the course of my pregnancy and together my husband and I made confessions over our family's divine health!

On the day of Paul's birth, the doctors kept asking me, in theatre, whether I was nervous to which I answered no. Even if the feelings tried to come, I would confess “no, I am not nervous”! In theatre, during delivery via Cesarean Section, I experienced a lot of pain and discomfort, but I kept praying in tongues and focused on our divine health.

Paul was born at 37 and a half weeks, weighing 3.3kg. He was taken to theatre immediately after delivery and, as expected the operation went wonderfully!

Paul’s intestines were perfectly developed, and the space inside of his body had remained open for a perfect fit, the doctors did not even have to make an incision. After the surgery, the surgeon had informed us that Paul could perhaps go home in six weeks time. At the time he was in the NICU. My husband and I prayed in tongues, in Paul's room, and confessed that by the speed of the Holy Spirit we were going home!

Within 12 days, we were able to go home! From the first night that we had Paul, he nursed, and had dirty diapers - what a miracle! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

Our son is a healthy, curious, full-of-life, brilliant boy! The most amazing doctors and nurses helped us and we were blessed from day one of our journey!

Thank you New Superman series and Pastor Johan! Our lives will never be the same!

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Healing from addiction


I have never known my paternal father and as a result have always felt the need to be loved. The home that I grew up in was neither a Christian home nor even a religious home, but an abusive one. I was sexually abused from the age of 6 years and this left me with no trust in men, whatsoever. I had no idea what love really was.

At the age of 18, I left home, and at 21, I was introduced to a life of stripping, I lived this life for seven years. Two years in, I started to use drugs. During this time, the only person who ever cared for me was my brother, however, he died and this trauma in my life led me to seek stronger, more serious drugs such as crystal meth and alcohol, this became my daily fix.

I eventually met my fiancé and we had our first child together. We were forever fighting because he always had God in his life and I could not stand it, particularly when he would start listening to teachings or talking about Jesus. I would curse him and reject anything that he would say. I preferred to be stubborn and to follow my own head, not realizing, that it was not only “all about me”. I was selfish but always seemed to convince myself that I was a good person, that I would go to Heaven as I had never hurt anybody.

My fiancé discovered that I had cheated on him and had an affair and soon left Johannesburg (JHB). Having attended the New Superman Series in JHB, he put to practice what he had been taught, and for the month that he was away, he and his mother interceded for me. Every day they would speak in tongues and make confessions over my life.  While he was away, I could not understand why it was that I did not want to see the other man and later my fiancé explained that it was as a result of his intercession for me, that there is power in prayer.

One particular night, that I will never forget, was the night that whilst still high on drugs, I fell to my knees asking God to help me, not knowing that my prayers would soon be answered.

My fiancé had always asked me to leave Johannesburg with him and to relocate to Cape Town, but I had always refused. I had thought to myself, “why move to a city with no friends, family or ease of access to drugs”, in my opinion, there was nothing in Cape Town for me.

When my fiancé came to Johannesburg for another occasion, I found myself packing all of our belongings into storage and loading myself and our two daughters into my car and driving to Cape Town, overnight. We left everything behind.

Arriving in Cape Town, still under the influence and weighing 55 kilograms, all I can remember is standing at the New Superman one night, raising my hands and envisioning myself as a little girl, running to Jesus who with open arms, lovingly received me. For two weeks thereafter, I was especially emotional but, I meditated on the scripture “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things become new.” Hallelujah!

I have been clean for more than two years, without any withdrawal symptoms, or rehab, I have never looked back. It is only by the power, grace, and love of God that I stand where I am today. The New Superman Series revealed so many scriptures in the Bible, which I applied to my life, to build a solid foundation that I once, never had. New Superman is my foundation and I have come to understand the Bible and enjoy my time spent in the Word.

Now, my husband and I have been married for 2 years and I have my own, flourishing business. We have an amazing family at the New Superman and are abundantly blessed with two beautiful daughters who have the opportunity to come to know the importance of worshipping God and of living in the Word, in a way that I never had, as a child.  

God is an expert in making a seemingly “nothing” into a beautiful something. It does not matter if I have never met my paternal father, my Daddy is God, praise Him forevermore.

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Allergic to peanuts


Since I can remember, I was highly allergic to peanuts, with life threatening consequences if consumed. I do not recall my first bad experience with peanuts, but what the doctor said resounds in my memory being that every time I would consume peanuts, the time it took my body to react would become less and less.

Allow me to share one of my previous bad experiences.

My dad and I were invited to a hospitality box suite at the Newlands Rugby Stadium to watch a game of rugby and during half-time we were served a chicken dish. The sauce of this dish contained peanut butter and after taking about three bites I knew that I was in trouble. My dad was able to get two antihistamine tablets which I swallowed before my throat was swollen to such an extent that I would not have been able to. I lost consciousness for about 15-minutes and when I regained consciousness; I was in an ambulance, sirens blaring, wires and needles all over my body and 3 paramedics working to keep me alive. The doctor said that without the two tablets, I would not have made it. Afterwards, we heard from the chef that she had used only three tablespoons of peanut butter in the sauce - bearing in mind that the hospitality suite had catered for 35 people.

Towards the end of 2013, a friend and work colleague invited me to attend the New Superman series. I was keen to go as I was a Born Again, child of God. At first, when I heard some of the preaching, it sounded too good to be true, and at the same time not even possible. With every statement made, Pastor Johan referred back to the Word, he backed up every statement referencing to numerous scriptures in the Bible. What stood out from the get-go is that there really is a higher life in Christ here on earth however, in order for you to live this higher life, YOU need to know your rights in Christ, meaning you need to know the Word by heart and speak the Word in all situations and challenges.

After having attended two New Superman series’, I joined the amazing chariot.

In 2015, a number of the New Superman leaders travelled to Johannesburg, to attend a Christian leadership conference, hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the global Pastor of Loveworld Incorporated and Christ Embassy. My spirit received tremendously, I learned that we should be DOERS of the Word and not hearers only. What an amazing weekend it was indeed, three days of continual teachings, building our faith.

Before departing from OR Tambo International Airport, a group of us checked into the Slow Lounge and as we were leaving the Lounge, I grabbed a bran muffin as I was still hungry.  After the second bite, I realized that I had eaten peanuts and instantly my throat and tongue started to swell. I can easily distinguish the taste of peanuts in chocolates, even the smell, but with this bran muffin it was a little harder to tell J Anyone that is allergic, be it to food, medicine or insect stings knows the fear that sets in as soon as ………….it happens.

This time around things were totally different, because I had learned who I am in Christ, naturally my response was different. I recall us walking down a spiraling staircase at the airport, with pot plants set out in the middle and it crossed my mind to spit out the muffin, but I swallowed instead. If everything was true that we had seen and been taught from the Word, then surely I could apply and act on my faith. I didn’t go into panic mode rather, I began speaking in tongues and declaring that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I boarded the airplane not having taken any tablet, I just continued to pray and making declarations over my body.  My throat did swell slightly but, the conditions never worsened and I was able to breathe easily. By the time we arrived in Cape Town, I did not display any symptoms.

What I have learned at the New Superman series is that you can trust God in every area of your life. You do not have to live with sickness, allergies or infirmity - big or small. Jesus gave us His life and God gave us His Word to sort out any challenge that may come against us.  Hallelujah!

We need to be doers of the Word and that is why I have this testimony!

But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, Jude 1:20 New International Version (NIV)

The Word says Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21 New King James Version (NKJV)

It is such a fundamental principle that God teaches us but still people choose to speak negatively and to speak death over their lives - I was a big culprit of this. Many Christians choose only certain scriptures and make them applicable and relevant in their lives, I did this too, but, thanks to the New Superman series I learned to apply every part of the Word in my life.

After the incident, I realized that my response might have been different had I not built myself up in the Spirit and been filled with faith.

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Joshua 1:8 New International Version (NIV)

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:7 New King James Version (NKJV)

Testimonies about God's love

God has the perfect wedding date for you-09 copy
God has the perfect wedding date for you


In 2012 we started to attend the New Superman Series and at the end of that particular year, we both knew, in our heart that we were to be husband and wife. Our Pastor instructed us to start praying for a date for our wedding day. The instruction was for us to pray together and separately, and once we had a date we were not allowed to reveal this to each other. After some time we both received our date and wrote the date down. We met with our Pastor again and when she revealed our dates, we had exactly the same date, 13 December 2014.

It has been almost four years now and we are living a glorious life and enjoying a beautiful God-given marriage.

God is a good Father and He will give you the desires of your heart. In the New Superman Series we learn how to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and how to listen to His voice. He is the one who guides and leads us in every step and every decision in our life.

Cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit and go with the Word.

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Divine comfort by the Holy spirit


I have been attending the New Superman Series since 2009 and even though I grew up knowing who God is and I attended Sunday school, I never really KNEW Him. At the New Superman I learnt who God is and who I am in Him. I was taught what it means to be a child of God.

I have too many testimonies to count, but I would like to share a recent one with you, to inspire you.

My mom and I had a very close relationship. We spoke every single day, I saw her once or twice every week and I still lay behind her back and held her, even when I already had children of my own.

My mom went to Heaven in October of last year (2018) and suddenly I had to say goodbye to one of the most important people in my life - too soon. I knew the Word says that the Holy Spirit is our comforter, our helper, standby etc. (John 14:26 Amplified Bible), but unless you need a comforter, helper and a standby, you do not fully know what this means. Since my mom went to Heaven, everyone that knows me well and that knows the type of relationship we had, have been amazed at how strong and joyful I have been during this time. Do I miss my mom? Yes of course I do!! Since she has been gone I have not felt heart-sore nor had a heartbroken feeling, not even for one minute. True to His Word and being exactly what He promised us in His Word, the Holy Spirit has guided me, comforted me and enveloped me in love, every step of the way, to such an extent that it can only be described as supernatural. I have a revelation of Heaven and I am so comforted in the fact that I KNOW where she is.

She got Born Again only a few months before she went to Heaven but I know with all my heart that she absolutely loves where she is right now.

I can honestly say that I would not have been able to cope with it all without having the Holy Spirit live in me. He is my everything!

If you are facing a challenge, you should know that God loves you, He cares about you, and He is eager and willing to help you!! Just let Him be the comforter, advocate, intercessor, counsellor, strengthener and standby in your life! You will never regret it!

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My husband and I were married for three years and I fell pregnant, but after three months, I lost twins by a miscarriage. At the time we were attending the New Superman series. We went to see our Pastor and He encouraged us to stick to the word of God as it does not fail, we needed to ‘see’ our baby and hold on to the vision that God had given us about our son.

Some time later, we had it on our hearts to sow the biggest amount that we, as a couple had ever sown before. One night after the New Superman series, we presented Pastor with our seed for God. He immediately laid hands on us both and we fell under the anointing. As I lay there under the power of God, Pastor Johan said that God is re-creating and fixing everything in my body so that I will carry a baby full term. Hallelujah! We left celebrating that evening and continued to thank God for our son.

Some time later, we were not pregnant yet. There was another healing service and Pastor Johan called any couples that wanted to conceive to come forward. We were the last couple in the row. Pastor walked straight past us and didn’t minister to us. One of the leaders, pointed in our direction and Pastor turned around to look at us and said that he could not pray for us as we were already pregnant and proceeded to celebrate with the crowd cheering.

We went home and immediately did a pregnancy test. It said NEGATIVE! My husband looked at me and said, we have an option now; either we stand on the word we received from God or we believe this test result. We decided that we would stick to the word that we were already pregnant. Exactly three weeks later, my husband came home and told me that I needed to do another test as I was pregnant. Well, he was right! God was faithful. I carried by baby full term and gave birth to the perfect son. It really does pay for you to do what God asks you to do. As I look back, the, then BIG seed that we sowed, now seems so small compared to the huge blessing we received. We also learnt that you need to walk by faith and not by sight. Things are not what they seem, even when the doctors give a diagnosis, that is subject to change as the Word of God never ever fails.

no fear no more-04
No more fear


My parents drive 170km each and every Thursday to attend the New Superman Series and their Jack Russel joins them for the journey. One of the attendees of our viewing centre has a daughter, Georgia, who at that stage was about 5-6 years old. This little girl was terrified of dogs and when she saw my parents’ dog for the first time, she froze with fear. I have never come across a person with such a fear of dogs.

On Thursday evenings, the little girl would come to my home with her mother, where our viewing centre is, and she would play with my daughter, whilst her mother attended the series, all the while bypassing the dog, which would be kept at our house for the evening.

At the previous Healing & Miracle Service, Pastor Johan called for the children in order to pray for them. I went to fetch her from where she was playing with my daughter and we laid hands on her. She had never witnessed anybody falling under the anointing and whilst we prayed for her she fell under the anointing.

About one week later, her grandmother told me how the two of them were walking to school and up ahead were two dogs playing. Immediately her grandmother said that they should take an alternate route however the little girl replied saying “don’t worry, I am no longer afraid of them”.

What an amazing testimony, praise Jesus!

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We first attended the New Superman series in 2017. At the end of the 5th session, Pastor Johan saw us in the audience and pointed us out, asking who we were, he went on to say that God wanted us to get married.

At the time we had been together for 12 years and engaged for 2 and a half and we had such a desire in our hearts to get married. At the time my then, Fiancé, was still a student, we had recently relocated to Cape Town and we could not afford a beautiful, traditional wedding. Asking our parents to pay for the wedding was out of the question, as we wanted to become independent of them.

After Pastor Johan had addressed us, he asked that we confirm a date for a meeting with him. The following week, we met with Pastor Johan and he said that we would get married on 13 July 2017, at the venue where the New Superman series was hosted. He informed us that the New Superman team would organize our wedding for us and that we would have a beautiful ceremony and a reception. At first we were stunned at the thought of the wedding being in 3 weeks but, we were also very excited, as we would finally be getting married. At the end of the 6th session, we announced that we would be getting married at the venue and that everyone, including all attendees had been invited.

After our announcement, we were blessed with so many offers to assist with the wedding arrangements, from the flowers to the décor, hair styling, nails, and makeup for my Fiancé to our wedding photos and video. The greatest blessing of all was that these people did not want any payment in return – they wanted to bless us. A stranger, who is now a great friend, approached us and told us that the Holy Spirit had stirred him to give us a sum of money from his savings. This was such a huge blessing as the amount was exactly what we had required to enable us to buy our wedding bands.

In the weeks to follow, all of the people arranged meetings with us to discuss what we had on our hearts in terms of the décor and what our ideal wedding would be. On the big day our vision for our special day was perfectly executed and nothing came short.

On 13 July 2017, we had the most magnificent wedding and we did not pay a cent – towards anything. The entire wedding was a HUGE blessing and we are so grateful to each and every person who contributed in making our day so special.

To add to the blessing, we were able to Honeymoon at one of our favorite holiday destinations.

The Lord is so good and His love is unconditional. He will always grant you your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4 NKJV, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

Testimonies about God's provision

we received the perfect house at the perfect time-06
We received the perfect house at the perfect time


In 2016 we were married and until recently, we had lived in a rental apartment owned by my husband’s employer. The apartment was small but convenient, and within walking distance of nearby shops, our workplace and our church.

In 2017, our daughter was born and our heart’s desire was to move to a larger home. We prayed about us moving and the instruction that we had received from the Lord was to wait, to remain calm about making any decisions and to relax.

A short while later, the Lord spoke to us about attending the New Superman Series. Taking into consideration that we lived quite away from the venue in Durbanville and that it would cost us almost R 400.00 per week to attend, we started to make confessions over our finances as we knew that this was an instruction from the Lord and that we had to attend the series.

We started to look for another home and three months had passed without us having found one or us being able to attend the series, due to the cost, which our budget did not allow. The only change was the amount of rent that we had to pay, which had increased by 5%. Things seemingly appeared to be getting worse! But, thanks be unto God, as we are not of those who drawback in the face of adversity, we had received a sure Word from God and we were going to make sure it came to pass in our lives.

 Another two months had passed before we found an online advertisement for an apartment in Durbanville. The advertisement did not appear to be very trustworthy as there was no rental agency involved, just an “independent owner”, not to mention the lack of photos of the property. Exercising our faith, we contacted the owner and scheduled a viewing. As soon as we saw the apartment, we knew that it was where we were supposed to be. The property was spacious, the rent was affordable and, most importantly for us, it was close enough for us to attend the New Superman Series. In fact, it was within walking distance of the venue in Durbanville! By the end of October 2018, we had moved into our new home and we completed our first full New Superman Series 2019.

We have received so much from the Lord and God has promoted us to another level. Recently, we joined the Leadership Team at the New Superman, which to us is a confirmation that we are in the right place and at the right time. Most importantly, we have learned to listen and to trust the voice of the Holy Spirit. We are here because we honoured His instruction.

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Sow my car


In June 2020, whilst attending a Leader’s Meeting, at church, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and told me to sow my car. I knew it was Him speaking to me, as I’ve come to know His soft, gentle voice, in my heart. Immediately, my mind wanted to reason it out… “HOW?!” How would I get to work; how would I get my kids to school; how would I do this, and that… but, I knew God’s voice and I chose to trust Him. If God had told me to sow my car, it meant there was a reason and it was not my responsibility to ask questions, or to know why, or how, or to try and figure it out.

That evening, as my husband and I drove home, I told him about the seed I wanted to sow. He said to me that if God had told me to do it, then I should. In the same breath, he mentioned that God too, had spoken to him that night and told him to sow a seed from our savings account. This meant that there would not be an option to buy a new car from our savings. Right there and then, I decided NOT to go in my mind. The mind is enmity to God. Romans 8:7 (TPT) says, “In fact, the mind-set focused on the flesh fights God’s plan and refuses to submit to his direction, because it cannot!”. I could have found many reasons, in the flesh, not to do what God had told me to do. I could have thought, “Did I hear God? Was it even God speaking to me? Surely God will not tell me to sow my car if He knew I needed it”, the list could go on. Instead, I chose to think, “Father God, I know that I heard you, and I am doing what you’ve asked me to do. I will sow my car.”

During that week I spoke with Pastor Johan and told him what I had on my heart, asking for his guidance on how to proceed. During this process, I still had no idea how I would manage without my car but, I just brushed away those thoughts of doubt. God will never let you down! He didn’t let me down! I trusted in Him and He was faithful as ever. In that same week, I received a miracle. I received a new company car and this during lockup, when most companies were cutting down on expenses. I do not have a monthly installment for a vehicle anymore, I do not pay for insurance and the vehicle has a service plan!

What a privilege it is, to give to God, and to know that we can expect a harvest. It reminds me of the story in Genesis 26 where Isaac obeyed God to stay in Gerar, despite the famine in the region. In that year of famine, he sowed and reaped a hundredfold. Genesis 26:1-14. I was amazed at God’s love for me and this reminded me that I can trust God, with everything in my life. If He is interested in my car, He is interested in every other area of my life. He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!

Testimonies about Career

God can help you excell in your workspace-18 copy
God can help you excel in your workplace


On Monday afternoon the daughter of a client of mine called to inform that one of the mirrors on her car had been broken off and needed replacing. I am an insurance broker by profession and I asked that she supply me with the relevant information in order to lodge a claim on her motor insurance for the replacement of the mirror.

On Tuesday, I received the information however; she was unable to supply me with photos of the damage, a requirement when lodging a claim. She also informed me that the mirror had already been replaced as she did not want to drive without the mirror. With the information in hand, I contacted the car repair shop to enquire whether they had perhaps taken photos of the damage but was informed that they do not keep photos once a repair job has been completed.

As you may well be aware, in order to successfully lodge a claim, photos are of utmost importance. When discussing the claim with my colleagues, they recommended that I not lodge the claim as the claim would almost certainly be turned down. I took the paper work and started to pray in tongues and I made confessions over both the paper work and the claim, confessing that the claim would be successful, in Jesus’ name.

After having prayed over the paper work and the claim I submitted the information to my clerk and instructed her register the claim. My colleagues laughed and were doubtful of the claim being successful.

At 10:00 on Thursday morning, my clerk received an email informing that the claim had been successful and that the money was to be paid into my client’s bank account.

My colleagues were pleasantly surprised that the claim had been a success and questioned the probability of the success of such a claim.

I smiled and said to them “You want what I have”.

Praise the Lord!

Testimonies about Protection

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Although I gave my heart to the Lord in 1972, I only heard the true, undiluted Word in 2014, when I attended a New Superman series, in Robertson. For the first time, I heard that one must be Born Again and proclaim this, with your mouth. I learned that, to go to church, and read your Bible, is not enough and will not take you to Heaven. For the first time in my life, I really understood many scriptures in the Bible.

I had attended Bible Study Groups where some members had prayed in tongues but, I had no knowledge of tongues, as our church did not teach on this. When Pastor Johan explained speaking and praying in tongues, and he asked who wanted to pray in tongues, I was the first one to get up. This will remain the biggest WOW moment of my life! I soon joined the leadership and I have been under this Word ever since. I have learned who I am in Christ, and what my rights are as a Christian. We are taught that in every situation and circumstance, we have the victory, in Christ. This soon became my reality.

About 5 weeks ago, I was in a car accident. On the day of the accident, there was a big storm outside, and the wind was very strong, and I can testify of the strength and supernatural calm that I experienced during the accident. I was in complete control and knew exactly what to do, every step of the way. After an oncoming truck had hit us, I realized that the car was still moving. I was not the driver of the car but, I knew that I had to bring it to a stop. I pulled the handbrake, put the car in neutral, and noticed that the car was moving off the road. I turned the steering wheel and pulled the handbrake a little more, until the car stopped completely.

The greatest part of this miracle is that I was not hurt at all. Most of the windows of the car had shattered and despite the thousands of pieces of glass, that were everywhere, nothing happened to me – not even a scratch. Afterward, I took a shower, and pieces of glass fell out of my hair, but not one piece had cut me. My body was not even stiff or sore. I did not have one bruise, nor did I experience whiplash of any sort. I was truly and supernaturally protected by God. Last week, I fell on the uneven pavement and when I experienced some challenges, I realized again, how God supernaturally protected me during the accident.

Some nights, soon after the accident, I experienced a few negative thoughts and I just started praying in tongues, using this amazing tool that the Holy Spirit has given to us, to edify ourselves. The Word is a practical manual and if you have the Word in your spirit, you are truly the victor in every situation!

protection of property-12
Protection of Property


Recently I took a friend and colleague to the hospital and he asked me to park his car in our office parking, in clear view of the security cameras, as his car was to remain there overnight. When I arrived in the parking area, the Holy Spirit said that I should not park the car there. Remembering what my friend had requested and how adamant he was that the car be parked there I thought to myself that this is where I would leave it. The Holy Spirit again said to me not to park the car there and listening to Him I parked the car elsewhere.

About 10 minutes after having been back at the office I heard my colleagues running out of the front door and to the parking area where one of them had parked their SUV in that particular area. Our office is situated at the top of quite a steep hill and a car with a trailer had turned into our street, with the trailer somehow having overturned and connected with my colleague's SUV leaving a few very serious scratches.

Had I parked my friend's car there the damage would most certainly have been more severe.

I thank my Father that I can hear His voice, that He speaks to me and that I never have to doubt that He will always lead me along the right path.

Be still and let Him talk to you, He loves you dearly and always wants to lead you in the right direction.

Testimonies about Growth

God gave me a new direction in life -18 copy
God gave me a new direction in life


As a child, growing up, I had never been involved in any church or with a particular religion, I last attended a church service at about the age of 10. My experience was of a very traditional church leading me to wonder why I was even there. In my teenage years, attending high school, my life was filled with worldly things, things that seemed cool, at the time. My life spiralled into a life of drug abuse, scares of near death experiences and many other issues that I just couldn't seem to shake off. To others, I seemed like the cool guy that was always having fun, partying and fighting on behalf of others and I always thought that this was life and that this was how I was going to live it. I remember, always confessing, that I would be the last of my friends to get married, as marriage would hinder my social life. I ventured overseas to start over, however, this was more of the same, in a different environment. I came back to Cape Town with no job, no relationships and no place to live, leading me to put my pride in my pocket and ask my sister if I could stay in her granny flat, sharing with another 65 year old man.

Shortly thereafter I attended my first New Superman Series and initially I attended as I was curious to see what my friend was going on about so excitedly. There I heard things that I had never heard before and gradually it all started making sense to me. When the series came to an end, I was undecided as to whether I would return but someone said to me that if I was not going to give it my all and open myself up to what was available for me to receive, then what was the point of going at all... that was when I decided to commit whole-heartedly and to attend my second series. The day I got Born Again, my life started to take a dramatic turn, for the better. With every session that I attended, those things that held me in bondage, started to melt away and a brand new me was being created, I became a person that I was finally proud of. Jesus is my hero and I thank him everyday for the life that He has given me.

God gave me a self esteem-19 copy
God gave me self-esteem


For years I put my personal value in men, I always thought to myself that if I had a boyfriend I would be happy. I thought that my purpose was to get married, and at one stage, the thought consumed me, it became my goal.

It was essential that men liked me and that they give me attention, it made me feel important, pretty and smart, but sadly enough, only by their standards. I wanted to be wanted and needed. With every relationship, I was worse off than before with the attention making me feel better about myself but it was NEVER a lasting thing!

I started to attend the New Superman Series where I got Born Again and received the Holy Spirit. Over time, God showed me that no man could put a value on me, because He paid the price for me with His son, Jesus! I alone was valuable enough for Him to give up His own Son! That revelation helped me to see myself in a different light. I was no longer seeking any man's attention, I learned that God is the only one that can reveal my true value to me. Growing up, I did not know my earthly father and only had the opportunity to meet him at the age of 19. All my life I had wanted a father or an elder brother, someone that could make me feel safe, that would protect me, someone that wanted to protect me. I realise that this was a part of the reason why I sought my value in men. But, oh, the day I got Born Again was the day that I not only got the best Father, but the best big brother too!

Today, my full value is in Christ and nobody can persuade me otherwise. Do not do harm to yourself by allowing other's words or actions to determine your worth. If you feel that you do not yet know your real worth, come and find out at the next New Superman Series. You will stand amazed!

supernatural provision from God for a new home-11
Supernatural provision from God for a new home


Shortly after having completed the New Superman Series my fiancée and I got married. At that stage we lived in a granny flat on a property where the people who occupied the main house were abusing drugs. We knew that we were not to live there, but we could hardly afford to move to a better home. We had asked my mother-in-law whether she was able to lend us money for us to pay off some of our debts so that we could submit an application for a new home, however she could not afford to, at the time.

Whilst attending the New Superman Series, Pastor Johan taught on sowing seeds, paying your tithes, praying the right way and how to apply your faith.

After having heard this teaching, we started to pay our tithes and to sow seeds, we acted on the Word. Although challenges tried to come, to make it appear as though we could no longer continue to pay our tithes and sow seeds, we persevered and stood steadfast on the Word.

 We purchased a DVD, Exercising your Spirit, by Pastor Chris, which taught us that without reading and intensively studying your Bible, your knowledge of the Word would not increase and the Spirit would not be effective in your life.

We made a decision to actively put our faith to work in our prayer life and to make our prayer time a priority, particularly by praying in tongues. Although our bank balance did not reflect what we knew to be the truth, we continued to meditate on the verses “all things work for the good to those that love God” and “He will give unto men to give unto you”.

Soon after having started to pay our tithes and sow seeds, my mother-in-law contacted us and said that she was able to give us R 100 000.00. Praise the Lord! The money was sufficient to pay off my wife’s car, pay a deposit on a new home (which we soon moved into) and to buy essential appliances such as our fridge.

All praise to Him, He keeps His promises to those who seek His love and guidance.

There is so much that we were taught at the New Superman Series, particularly how effective your prayers can be in your life. He truly loves us. We encourage you to attend the New Superman Series, if you ever feel that something is missing in your life, guaranteed, you will find it there.

Testimonies about General

I found out how God truely sees me-05
I discovered how god truly sees me


I grew up knowing of Jesus, instead of knowing Him personally.

Life after school was tough and I messed up a lot. I got to a point in my life where I wanted to change. Not knowing what to expect, I started going to church, bearing mind that I did not go to church or Sunday school when I was younger. Attending church, I felt condemned (I was afraid people would find out who I really was and would possibly not want me there anymore). I heard a lot about rules and discipline, which I tried but it didn't work, as I was a rebellious person. I hated rules and I hated reading. I continued to attend church hoping God would give me some bonus points and that I might stand a chance of going to Heaven, taking into account that I had messed up so many times.

 At age 25, my girlfriend fell pregnant and I thought, now, I am really going to hell, this is evidence for God. He now knows what I did behind closed doors, I tried even harder to change but, it just got worse.

On the 22nd of January 2015, I attended my first New Superman Series and for the first time I heard the Good News! There was a chance for me to go to Heaven so, I went for it and got Born Again. Wow, I felt different after saying the Prayer of Salvation!

The things that I heard at New Superman were completely different to what I was used to hearing and to what I thought about Christianity. After every session, when I got home, I checked in my Bible, and Pastor was correct, every time. I started to love reading and read my Bible in the morning, at tea time, lunch time and at night.

I used to be allergic to bee stings (I always carried my blou pilletjies with me) I received my healing by meditating on a verse (Luke 10:19) as Pastor had taught us to do. I got stung twice thereafter and the poison was of non-effect. My life changed quickly and the things that I used to struggle with disappeared one by one, without me even trying. I've seen many miracles in the last three and a half years and I've learned to love all people, including myself. I've also learned that God loves all people and that He doesn't hold our trespasses against us. He paid for the sins of the whole world with His precious son, Jesus, (who is now my brother), He doesn't only forgive our sins, but He also forgets them (Heb 10:17).

When a Pastor Johan used to say: “God or the Holy Spirit told him....” I used to think: "Joh hoor die perd" (I did not think that he was telling the truth). Now I hear His precious voice, I have a relationship with Him and I will not trade it for the universe. He has helped me and guided me in many aspects. I am so thankful to everyone who was there on the night that I got Born Again. I would lay down my life for anyone of them. ❤

being guided by the spirit for all things-17 copy
Being guided by the spirit in all things


In November 2018, my passport expired and about a month before the expiry date I had a sense of urgency in my spirit to have it renewed. Even though I had no plans of travelling, I just knew that I was going to need to use my passport in the near future. I delayed the renewal process for quite a while as firstly, it was the busiest time of the year at work and secondly, because I had been told about the wonderfully, long queues one could encounter at the offices of the Department of Home Affairs.

On Thursday, the 21st of February 2019, at about 11:20am, the Holy Spirit suddenly instructed me to go to the offices of the Department of Home Affairs, post haste. At first, I thought that this cannot be as a colleague of mine had walked into the office a few minutes earlier, having come from there, telling us about the extremely long queue and how she had basically stood in the same place for more than 3-hours. I could not understand why the Holy Spirit would instruct me to go and stand in a queue, that long, for no reason, whilst I had a lot of work to complete on that particular day.

I kept on working for few minutes, but I knew that what I had heard was an instruction from the Lord, so I got up from my desk and went straight to the Home Affairs offices.

To cut a long story short, after having stood in the queue for the rest of the day and having had to go back the following day because their systems went off-line, my application had been completed. Still, I had no idea why the sudden need to renew my passport, but I followed the instruction.

Exactly one week later, I was called by my HOD, requesting a copy of my passport. My flights had to be booked as soon as possible, as I had to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) for work. I have never travelled for work before and this trip came as such a great surprise to me! I stood amazed, not just about having to travel to the UK, but because of the grace and the love of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, with a gentle voice and will never force you to do what He has told you to do. He is not going to shout aloud or repeat Himself multiple times and He might not send us signs from Heaven to convince us to do anything, but He knows about those things that we do not. He is interested in us, our lives and our success, even more so than we are ourselves.

It pays to listen to the Holy Spirit, even though it makes no sense to your natural mind at that point in time.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-01 at 20.27.53
A new life in christ


Thirteen years ago I was in an abusive relationship and using drugs and as a result I suffered from epilepsy. As a non-Christian and unbeliever I went day by day asking, "why me", screaming, "there is no God". I got caught up in another relationship devoid of love, which left me heartbroken and even more unwell than before. I was in and out of hospital and had to undergo surgery to stop the epilepsy fits. I was tired of life and had no will to live.

I had heard of the New Superman Series and decided that I would attend! This was my last chance before I had to undergo the surgery and I had nothing more to lose. At the first session of the series, I got Born Again and I felt an immediate change in my body. I then took a leap of faith and decided to throw away all of my medication, believing that if there is a God, I would be safe. After 8 weeks of attendance, I received my healing at the Healing & Miracle Service. 

My life was transformed and I became stronger, both mentally and physically, because I knew who I was in Christ and that there was a God, who gives new life. I never received the scheduled surgery and my doctors were amazed at my progress and results. Part of being an epileptic, the doctors said, meant that I could not have children. I was heartbroken because one of my life's desires that I wanted most, I could not have.

After I got Born Again and I received my healing, I married the one that God chose for me and I knew that my old life had passed away and there was nothing in my way to bearing children!  

God blessed us with a beautiful son and daughter and they are growing big and strong, everyday.

This is only the beginning of a life filled with testimonies of how God loves me and my family.

Simone Joone Testimony-02


Since I was a child, I learned about Jesus, and I tried my best to serve and to please God. In my mind, I always fell short.

On 29 July 2014, as a student from Namibia studying in Stellenbosch, I attended the New Superman Series. I was already Born Again, and received the Holy Spirit and started to pray in tongues.

I have so many testimonies, some of my biggest concerning my health. At the New Superman, we learned that sickness is not for us, and that no Christian needs to be sick. I took this Word whole heartedly, and started applying it in my life.

It has been 4 years and I have not become sick since. Sometimes challenges come and try to get to me, telling me that I am sick however, every time I apply the Word more and more, and every time it works. I used to get sick often, I had asthma and all sorts of allergies, but since the day that I received this revelation, those things have not been a part of me because I am not conscious of them, I am a brand new creation.

The Word works!

This is but a drop in my testimony bucket, but it is the area of my life where I have received the most revelation. Glory to God! Now you can be the next child of God to never get sick! Hallelujah!

testimony tuesday 2019 new look-38
The Word never fails and God never fails


I was raised in a Christian home, we were taught of speaking in tongues however, we were not taught of the power that is made available nor were we taught that we too have the ability.

At school, I had a tough time adjusting and fitting in, financially, my family was not well off and I was bullied at school leaving me scarred, emotionally. I left school at the age of 13 and started working in a Take-Away Shop as a waitress. Then, at the age of 16, I was offered the opportunity to work for a Veterinary Hospital, in their Vet Shop, where I worked for 14 years.

My parents believed in God and my dad always used to read his Bible.  I did the same but never understood what I was reading. My dad was my role model, working hard and making a success of everything he endeavored to do, he always put his family first and that inspired me to never give up and to keep on going, working towards achieving something better in life than just settling for “normal”.

I met my husband when I was 18 and we lead a worldly lifestyle. 7 years later we got married and we had our first daughter. During that time, we started our own company but I continued to work my own job as I did not want to lose my independence. Throughout all of the changes in my life, I knew that there was more for me. I would pretend to be happy, always smiling, but inside things were not the way they were supposed to be. I was not happy in my marriage or in life. At that stage, my husband did not believe in going to church or in reading the Bible.

Financially we were not doing well – our business was struggling and our youngest daughter continued to get sick - the bills kept coming. About 3 years ago, we had no other option but to move in with my in-laws, into their living room. Later that same year, we were invited, by one of our friends, to attend The New Superman series. We decided to go and see what the series was all about and while attending, our lives slowly started to change. We started to apply what Pastor Johan taught us every week and soon, everything fell in to place. It was at this series that my husband got Born Again and we both got Spirit Filled.

When I read the Bible now, it is like my eyes are open and I understand. I resigned from my job and started working with my husband. At first I was nervous, wondering if I was doing the right thing as we had worked together previously but, all I kept thinking of was faith, “keep your faith and apply it”. Today, we are working together like a well-oiled machine.

I am Born Again, a new creation, the old has passed away. No matter what happened in our past or what I had previously gone through, I am not that person anymore. I am blessed! Our finances are flourishing; our business is flourishing; our marriage is strong; our kids are healthy and we are happy!

The Word never fails and God never fails. When a challenge arises, we walk over it and triumph.

If He is for me, NO ONE can be against me. God is amazing and a life filled with God is a successful, happy and victorious life.

Testimonies about Finances

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-11 at 10.07.09


We had been living in a house that we had rented for 6 years, and recently, the owner sold the property. This meant that we had to start looking for a new home. Since having lived in this house, our family had grown, and a bigger house was necessary. We were VERY blessed to pay a low rental whilst living in the house, much less than others living in the same complex, and we knew that with moving, would come higher rental.

At first, I wanted to go to the thoughts in my mind, and I started to listen, as people told me what I could expect to pay in rental. We viewed several houses and the rental was anything from R 6000.00 – R 7000.00 more than what we had been paying. The cheaper properties were either too small, not in a secured area, or not "child-friendly." At this stage, feelings of anxiety tried to come, but I decided to reject them, because I am a child of God and the Holy Spirit is my Helper. I decided that this was a great opportunity to exercise my faith, I knew that the Holy Spirit would guide me and show me which house was best for us.

One morning, I got up early and I started to pray and thank God for giving us the perfect house. I made confessions, and I declared that I would know, in my spirit, when we had found the right house. From that day, I was at peace.

I kept my confession, every day, "Thank you, Father, that I will know when it is the right house", and one morning after having said my confession, we had an appointment to view a house that we liked, and that ticked all the boxes. For my senses, it made so much sense to take this house, it had everything we wanted, for the right price but, I did not have the same conviction in my spirit. If I had listened to my senses, I would have signed for the house. In the end, we did not go and view the house, and later, the Estate Agent phoned to say that there were challenges in getting the current tenant out of the house and, the house had a few, major plumbing issues. If I had said “yes” to the house, we too would have had challenges, for sure.

A few weeks passed, and we went to view another house and immediately, I knew in my spirit, that this was the house! The Holy Spirit had placed a rental amount in my heart, which was R 1600.00 less than the requested rental. I started negotiating, and the final offer they made was R 500.00 more than the amount I had in my heart. My first thought was that R 500.00 is not too much more, but I rejected the thought and sent a final email, with the exact amount that the Holy Spirit had given me. A couple of hours later, I received an email accepting my offer!!

It ALWAYS pays to listen to the Holy Spirit. We are very happy in our new home and its amazing location!