The Foundation School Course educates and equips Christians with the basic principles of Christianity to live an effective and fulfilling life.

Every week after Sunday service, we have a new intake, and our students are immersed in the Word while being taught how to renew their minds. 

This 7-week course truly helps build your foundation on Jesus Christ – the only sure foundation!

Some topics covered include The New Creation, The Holy Spirit, and so much more! 

Learn to shape your life according to God’s Word.

Visit the Foundation School stand in the Upper Room after every Sunday service for further information and registration:

Alternatively, register below:

Cost: R395.00

(Includes: Foundation School Pack - consisting of a Foundation School Manual, 3 Books, Quizzes, Exams; Graduation Cover Fee)


The New Superman series is presented by Pastor Johan De Beer designed to empower and strengthen you in all areas of your life. This course teaches key life principles, that can be applied to your finances, friendships, relationships, marriage, health, and career...

God created you to have and enjoy life to the fullest, yet there are many people that are not currently living that life. The New Superman Series will show you who God really is, how He sees you, and how He intended for you to live on earth NOW!

The New Superman Series is for people looking for answers or for individuals who want to have a relationship with God. It’s for the ones who are wanting more out of life and those desiring change. The New Superman Series is also for the successful men and women who have achieved so much, yet still, feel like something is missing…

In this series you will discover:

* How to create lasting change in your life, starting from the inside.
* How to think positively no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.
* How to live a struggle-free, worry-free life and be happy every day.
* How to heal from past hurts you have experienced.
* How to make the dream in your heart, a reality!
* How to be victorious in all situations.
* How to REALLY read the bible and understand the principles in it.
* How to increase your capacity to do more.
* How to get rid of any disease/sickness that may be controlling your life.
* How to build self-worth through the power of words and actions.
* How to forgive, empower, and truly love without conditions.
* How to get rid of fear.
* How to have a successful marriage.
* How to see possibilities in seemingly hopeless situations.

This course is for everyone, young and old. We even have something for the kids so there is no need to get a babysitter. It is guaranteed to be a relaxed environment with friendly faces and comfortable chairs. You will leave every week wanting more... Come and be changed forever.