With God, there are no limits, and anything is possible! Dreams are not too big and, desires not too small, we make them our present hour reality!

Limitless is a youth group without limits, without an end and, with an everlasting purpose. We welcome youth between the ages of 13-18 years.

Here, you will learn who you are in Christ and of the amazing gifts you received, the moment you became Born Again, making Jesus Lord of your life. You will learn to walk in boldness, joy, victory, health, and prosperity every day.

Our sessions are fun and interactive, including Bible study, worship, and energetic activities. Our focus is solely on the youth, and in getting all involved in every aspect of our sessions, growing in the Word as they partake.

Come and make the best friends, in Christ, and discover that there are no limits to your abilities! We are bold to do the Word and unmoved by the world!